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Happy new year! That was a warming read, thank you. I moved a long, long way away from my UK upbringing many years ago and always struggle with a sense of guilt at this time of year about being away from family.

La Rentrée is a great term to now know. I'm about to have my own at the start of next week and I can't help feel like a comet about to hurtle through Earth's atmosphere, worrying about just how much of my own debris is going to be vaporised and what will be left of me (there's a lot of new stuff/responsibilities going on at work that I just don't feel prepared for). But, at the same time, I've started to get that sense of "needing" to be back at work, which means that my break has been a sufficient reset for my mind.

A book spreadsheet is a great idea. I've just been using Goodreads each year to track my consumption of literature, but this seems like a more personal way to do it.

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Happy New Year Dear Hannah!

Lovely to see Pen friend for the first time in 2023. I agree, taking any bus ride especially with my daughter Kate ...in glorious Paris is a joy.I am always thrilled to actually be transported right between The Louvre and the beautiful gardens beyond that stone arch.

Ahhhhhh Paris! X

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Bonne année from Paris! Glad to have discovered your Substack recently.

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I laughed at "the world is quite rude". So it is! Happy New Year Hannah! x

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