So interesting, thank you Hannah. I also love Picasso - and Gauguin, who was perhaps even more/differently awful. Picasso features in my favourite apocryphal story which I think about when I'm worrying about overpricing my art (ie pricing it fairly) - about him and the woman in the park? Do you know it?

I reread The Right Stuff recently, and it made me think again about those incredibly driven men and wonder why some of them even bother to have wives. I feel like those astronauts had wives at home to scratch that existential itch, so that they could leave them behind entirely and go into space. It's weird - and annoying.

And thanks for the Katy Hessel podcast recommendation, I'm going to subscribe! And sorry this comment is so long!!😂

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I don’t know the park story! Please tell me 👂I’ve not read The Right Thing, it’s on my list now. I love that podcast! I hope you’ll like it. The one on Suzanne Valadon brings me joy! Merciiii for comments and thoughts

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