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I learned a lot which I’ll promptly forget about French and their grievances. Really fascinating and nuanced explanation. Merci

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Splendid peice Hannah!

I went to visit Marseille with Kate quite some years ago . We went on a very hair raising little " road train" from the Bascillica on top of the hill right to the centre of the town . Having crawled up slowly on the ascent. Unforgettable!

Loved the alarming and rather beautiful photoshopped banner of Margaret Macron as held by a young protester in your photo.

Really , Emanuel makes a very striking and quite elegant Margaret Thatcher look alike .

Very chic!

I love the description of your train journey Hannah, particularly the glorious thought of actual sunshine and warmth. Now Scotland , where we live is dramatic, rugged and magnificent. Rich and abundant in wildlife bith at sea and on land. But its bone chillingly cold at this time of year andin the words of Kirsty McColl " No placefor the old" 🤗😂

So looking forward to a visit to Paris in Late March to see you all and bask in a little yellow French sunshine whilst sipping coffee and gazing at the sunbeams bouncing off the Sienne... thank you for your warm and welcoming words on your lands delightful climate x

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I'm beginning to think we may have crossed paths on several occasions and not known it! My family is from Marseille and we have a home there too (limited visits thanks to Brexit). Hope you have a wonderful time. I've added Writing Marseille to my TBR.

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“We sit down at a table under the plane trees in the old square. This is where the Greeks once built the city's agora, the Acropolis. Today the Église des Accoules stands on this site…” Gilles Del Pappas, The Alleys of Marseille

“Marseille is not a city for tourists. There is nothing to see there. Its beauty cannot be photographed. She shares. You have to take sides here. To become involved. Be for or against. be passionate. Only then will you see what there is to see.” Jean Claude Izzo, Marseille Trilogy.

LOVED the “Margaret Macron” poster!!! May Thatcher enjoy her eternal time on the hot coals of Hades.

The French, with their national strikes, can do what we in America should have done when Reagan destroyed the Air Traffic Controller’s Union, by firing all the controllers, unilaterally, back in 1981. The labor movement in this country has been in a race to the bottom ever since; causing all wages/benefits to sink, increasing the great wealth-gap. EVERY working person was affected to this day. And every working person should have done like the French and called for a national strike, closing everything down across America, including hospitals and schools.

Je salue le peuple travailleur de France!

Wonderful photos from Marseille!!

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