I really loved The God of Small Things. I read it about twenty years ago and still remember how devastated I felt by it.

Really interested in what you said about Pantin too, and of course I'm thinking about Clichy. You know I love Paris, but in some ways I feel it's a deceptive city, not entirely honest about its workings. I also found Edinburgh to be like that, when I lived there in the noughties: the bits that felt the most real were also the bits that were pushed out of sight. That's what makes both cities aesthetically special of course.

Relatedly, the first time I met Rod, we were wandering through Le Marais and there was a jazz trio busking on a corner. We stopped and I was gazing delightedly at them, listening, feeling very in love with the place, when Rod murmured 'This is not Paris, by the way.' Haha. And I guess he's right – it was about as Paris as the changing of the guard is London. Still great though!

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Ahhh! Sunday is much nicer with your lovely pen pal in it Hannah! Salt and Lineaker!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

France hammered us in the football ,oh dear! I remember the glory days of the 1966 world cup! Oft quoted and sung about in reverential joy... never repeated!

Love your Gen Z boy watercolour, actually, those of the Gen Z generation I have had the pleasure to meet, have been friendly . Open minded and charming. Ive always enjoyed how youngsters view the world. Poles apart from us old timers eh? Hope your teeth are better Hannah x

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