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The drawings are a highlight! Mom saying she should have given her daughter a calculator is funny. I wonder if Macron, out of Monty Python, said, "Fetchez la vache!"


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So interesting Hannah!

Just thought you ay like to know ...we have been blown away by natures big light show the Aurora Borealis up here in my chilly but gorgeous Scottish home! Incredible, you must come and visit with Kate and see it ( hopefully) she canbe fickle if cloudy!

Your Artwork is great... love the doggo!


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Thanks as always for brightening a Monday, Hannah.

A trove of info and artwork in this one. Love that you put some of the quotes into paintings.

That linework by Christelle is really something.

"Not so long ago, each of France’s regions had its own language/dialect, but these have been largely stamped out" … I did not know this! So does France not have the insanely dense amount of local accents that the UK does?

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