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Marvelous pen pal Hannah! Ahahah cosy old Phil Mitchell. My two when they were young would go into lounge with a plate of " mum chips" as a snack and shout out " Eastens," to the family so we would gather up together and see the shouting and general carrying on.

We loved it so much that Kate called one her rabbits " Janine" after The evil Janine butcher😂

Now , I am desperate to get over to Paris for a Tartine and some wonderous baked goods!

Surprising theres not a revolution in England what with Austerity and food banks , lack of daily bread for the poor . And, the ludicrous undignified antics of our illustrious Royal family( her majesty would turn in her grave Hannah) ooos got carried away commenting as usual as your pen pal is always

Inspirational and encourages the very old fashioned if not obsolete joy of letter writing.

Cant wait for Sunday ,

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