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"Balcony Garden" congers such a beautiful picture in the mind!

"To Have One's English" is such a great phrase! Descriptive and insulting at the same time!

It makes exact sense when you think about a woman bemoaning the fact that "The English Have Arrived!" I can hear a French coquet saying "I am heading to the shore and of course I'm on my English!"

The mother of my first girlfriend used to call having your period "Payday" because that's when the streetwalkers got paid!

I often know, in the pit of my stomach, from the first complimentary few words that I am in for a rejection letter. I think it's revenge on me for overusing the term "It's not you, it's me," to end relationships.

I must say I do like the way the English write a rejection email. "It's simply because the footprint won't allow it!"

"The Stone of Destiny!" Right out of Monty Python! You have to cross over The Bridge of Death to get to the Stone of Destiny! https://youtu.be/VvSO5KEnaVE

OMG in Prince Charles's case Destiny sure took its time! Maybe he'd have been better off with a Scone of Destiny!

Hannah your paintings are terrific as usual but you even managed to make the rag-tag bunch who moved the Stone of Destiny look fashionable!

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The Stone of Destiny is the most generic fantasy book-sounding noun-of-nouns object! Amazing. How had I never heard of it either?

Great artwork and caption 🤣

Also, I am going to risk saying to my wife "to have one’s Englishes" at some point. Possibly. We'll see...

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My dad was Scottish and so I did know about the stone of Scone! Did you know it’s not pronounced scone like the cake but skoon.

We’ve just bought new geraniums for our balcony, unlike my neighbours across the way, I always forget to care for them in winter and kill half of them off!

Really hoping the weather gets consistently nice soon!

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